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General information

Each paid-for license gives you
  • the right to install the product on any number of computer accounts belonging to you1),
  • free technical support until the next major version of the product is released,
  • free software updates until the next major version is released,
  • 50% discount on version 2 when it is released.

The orders are processed by share-it!, service of Digital River, our online order processing agent. Either 'share-it' or 'digital river' name will appear on your credit card bank statement if you pay with a credit card.

Online payment can be done with Credit Card, Wire Transfer, Check, Money Order or PayPal.

If you need assistance or have any problem with the ordering, please contact us using the Feedback form or by e-mail.

The license information is delivered in electronical way (by e-mail). No physical product is shipped. The orders are usually processed within 48 hours. If you have not received the registration letter within this period (usually antispam filters blocking registration letters are the reason), please contact us via the Feedback form so that we could provide you the license information by other means.

Prices and license options

Read about the differences between Lite and Pro versions here.

License Price
CupNotes Lite

$7.49 + VAT
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CupNotes Pro

$14.99 + VAT
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By clicking on the needed license type above you will be redirected to the order page of share-it!, the service that performs order processing.

1) The license is granted per account, not per computer. For example, if you want to use the software on your desktop PC, your laptop and your work PC, you will need a single license. If your partner shares your desktop PC with you and wants to use the software under their operating system account, they will need a separate CupNotes license.

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